Qawwali Singers

We are a group of Qawwali singers with family history, for performing for raj darbar gharanas from centuries. If we compare Pakistani qawwali singers with qawwali singers in India, both have their own flavoured performances. You may find qawwali singers in Delhi connected to bollywood industry. Ahsan Hussain Khan Quadri basically a qawwal, who sings qawwali, has taught his son, Adil Hussain Khan Warsi, all his experience.

If you are looking for Qawwali singers list, you will find son of Ahsan Hussain Khan Quadri , Adil Hussain Khan Warsi as very creative and dynamic artist in his domain. These songs have been a part of bollywood since decades. Let it be any situation, from happiness to sorrow, from stage shows to sads, from romantic to them music, Indian film industry is a part and parcel of it very much. Minute sbservation reveals that creativity, just like in other art, is also dominating factor here also. He, Adil Hussain Khan Warsi has been successful in giving creative output, as its contribution to the art.
You may find his videos on you tube channels.

Presently there is a sharp increase in users, all over the world. Listeners are mostly from Asians and Arabian countries. Indian film industry is responsible for such growth to a large extant. You will note that their usage in from olden classical films to till date new releases. They also promote films in and across westerns countries for NRI’s response.





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